“Mouths” (Stephanie Bender Gallery, Munich, 2010)

My piece for the installation ‘Me:Beast’ is a game amongst the walls of the labyrinth. In the space of the gallery I distribute at waist height twelve mouths of latex, some of them are opened, others are closed. These mouths are not visible in the space, because of the light conditions. Amongst the narrow walls of the installation they maybe noted as you pass by them. There could be physical contact brushing against the mouths repeatedly, against an unrecognizable feature, it is only by the touch of the hand that these objects can be revealed. This is seemingly an innocent guessing game, but this changes completly when you recognize in these features a tongue, lips, or a chin. A mouth in front of somebody at this height refers to a sexual play, in a dark and narrow space, apparently in privacy. The situation is an ambiguous intimate encounter, fantasy like. I want the people to touch these mouths, being part of this seemingly private intimate encounter which in fact is a place dominated by voyeurism.

The twelve mouths are distributed in two of the four walls of the gallery, which is in the outer walls of the labyrinth. They are made of a material which evokes the human skin: latex. They are exact replicas of my mouth. I may also use a material to make it a little more visible.

Mouths_8 Mouths_6 Mouths_5 Mouths_3 Mouths_2 Mouths_1


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